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    decoder: reset segmentation map on keyframes · e8223bd2
    John Koleszar authored
    Refactoring some of the mode decoding logic introduced a bug where
    the segmentation maps would not be properly reset on keyframes.
    The text of the bug is somewhat misleading as I initially read it to
    imply the bug was present in v0.9.7-p1 (Cayuga), but note the text
    "master", which indicates this was something subsequent. This issue
    bisects back to v0.9.7-p1-84-ga99c20c0, so unfortunately it was broken
    during the Duclair release.
    Thanks to Alexei Leonenko for investigating the root cause.
    Change-Id: I9713c9f070eb37b31b3b029d9ef96be9b6ea2def