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    changed to use a fixed number for update probabity · 074a38b1
    Yaowu Xu authored
    This commit is to remove two arrays, which contain the probabilities
    of how likely each probability in coef_probs table is updated. The
    commit changed to use a fixed number "252".
    Surprisedly, the overall impact on quality is close to zero, which
    basically says the two big static arrays are not helpful at all.
    derf: -0.016%, -0.020%
    std-hd: 0.000%, -0.013%
    yt: -0.022%, +0.007%
    yt-hd: -0.038%, +0.034%
    Change-Id: Ifee94d28a37dcab4f1d2b994bd5b07575be42b72
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