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    T8x8 experiment merge. · 07892531
    Paul Wilkins authored
    For ease of testing and merging experiments I have
    removed in line code in encode_frame() that assigns
    MBs to be t8x8 or t4x4 coded segments and have
    moved the decision point and segment setup to
    the init_seg_features0 test function.
    Keeping everything in one place helps make sure
    for now that experiments using segmentation are
    not fighting each other.
    Also made sure mode selection code can't choose 4x4
    modes if t8x8 is selected.
    Patch2: In init_seg_features() add checks
    for SEG_LVL_TRANSFORM active.
    Change-Id: Ia1767edd99b78510011d4251539f9bc325842e3a
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