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    Port commits related to clpf and qm experiments · 0818a7c8
    Yaowu Xu authored
    Manually cherry-picked following commits from AOMedia git repository:
    bb2727c2 Sort includess for "clpf.h"
    c297fd00 Add quantisation matrix range parameters.
    0527894f Add encoder option and signaling for quant matrix control.
    4106232b Turn off trellis coding for quantization matrices.
    4017fca3 Modify tests to allow quantization matrices.
    1c122c24 Add quant and dequant functions for new quant matrices.
    95a89994 Enable CLPF
    f72782bb Fix a build issue
    73bae509 Add quantisation matrices and selection functions
    33208d20 Added support for constrained low pass filter (CLPF)
    Change-Id: I60fc1ee1ac40e6b9d1d00affd97547ee5d5dd6be