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    Replace division in warped motion least squares · 082d4df7
    Debargha Mukherjee authored
    Replaces the int64 and int32 divisions in least-squares and
    gamma or delta computation with a mechanism that decomposes
    the divisor D such that 1/D = y * 2^-k where y is obtained
    from a lookup table indexed by 8 highest bits of the difference
    D - 2^floor(log2(D)). The main complexity is now only from
    computing this decomposition, which is essentially equivalent
    to finding floor(log2(D)) (position of highest
    bit in a 64-bit integer).
    Also includes an out of memory bug fix and some cleanups.
    Change-Id: I9247fdff5f6b4191175d4b4656357bfff626f02c
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