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    abstract apply_temporal_filter · 092b5bef
    Johann authored
    allow for optimized versions of apply_temporal_filter
    (now vp8_apply_temporal_filter_c)
    the function was previously declared as static and appears to have been
    inlined. with this change, that's no longer possible. performance takes
    a small hit.
    the declaration for vp8_cx_temp_filter_c was moved to onyx_if.c because
    of a circular dependency. for rtcd, temporal_filter.h holds the
    definition for the rtcd table, so it needs to be included by onyx_int.h.
    however, onyx_int.h holds the definition for VP8_COMP which is needed
    for the function prototype. blah.
    Change-Id: I499c055fdc652ac4659c21c5a55fe10ceb7e95e3