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    setup experimental infrastructure · 0952acb7
    John Koleszar authored
    This patch creates some basic infrastructure for doing bitstream-
    incompatible changes to the VP8 encoder. The key parts are:
     - --enable-experimental configure switch, to enable support for this
       incompatible bitstream. This switch is required to be set to enable
       any "experiments"
     - A list for "experiments" which translate into --enable-<experiment>
       options and CONFIG_<experiment> macros.
     - The high bit of the "Version" field is used to indicate that the
       bitstream was produced by an experimental encoder. The decoder will
       fail to decode an experimental bitstream without
     - A new "vp8x" encoder interface is created to set the experimental
     - The vp8x encoder interface is made the default for ivfenc in
       experimental mode.
    Change-Id: Idbdd5eae4cec5becf75bb4770837dcd256b2abef
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