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    Encode loop restoration coefficients per tile · 09b5b168
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    This is a baby-step towards encoding the coefficients at the start of
    superblocks at the top-left of loop restoration tiles. Note that this
    patch causes us to reset "wiener_info" and "sgrproj_info" at each tile
    boundary, which will cause a performance drop.
    This is necessary because, in order for tiles to be processed in
    parallel, we cannot delta-encode coefficients across tile boundaries
    if the coefficients are signalled within tiles. We could probably do
    better than the current patch by, say, delta-encoding against previous
    This patch also fixes up the costing in pickrst.c to match
    Change-Id: I5b8b91d63aaf49627cde40219c31c0ac776dfd38