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    ext-inter: Vectorize new masked SAD/SSE functions · 0aa39ff0
    David Barker authored
    We would expect that these new functions would be slower than
    the old masked SAD/SSE functions, as they do additional work
    (blending two inputs and comparing to a third, rather than
    just comparing two inputs).
    This is true for the SAD functions, which are about 50% slower
    (depending on block size and bit depth). However, the sub-pixel
    SSE functions are comparable to the old speed for the accelerated
    special cases (xoffset or yoffset = 0 or 4), and are
    between 40-90% faster for the generic case.
    Change-Id: I1a296ed8fc9e3edc313a6add516ff76b17cd3e9f
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