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    Revert "warp_affine_c: Refactor highbd and lowbd versions." · 0d08afdc
    Urvang Joshi authored
    This reverts commit 8cd0e7ef.
    Reason for revert:
    This change breaks av1_warp_affine_c when CONFIG_HIGHBITDEPTH is enabled.
    In particular, running ./test_libaom --gtest_filter=*Warp* compiled with --enable-warped-motion --enable-highbitdepth shows several test failures, followed by a segmentation fault when it gets up to test SSE2/AV1WarpFilterTest.CheckOutput/4
    The tricky part is that the use the lowbd version of the function is dependent on a mix of two conditions:
    (1) Compile time check for CONFIG_HIGHBITDEPTH and
    (2) Run time check to see if bit-depth == 8
    So, it is tricky to refactor.
    Change-Id: I610c537fb65bde4f357185a13081639f906351de
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