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    Simplify implementation of rd_test_partition3 · 0e653f9f
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    The rd_test_partition3 function basically calls rd_pick_sb_modes on
    each of three sub-blocks of a partition (this is one of the mixed size
    partitions like PARTITION_HORZ_A) and adds up the cost. There's also
    some extra book-keeping to do with stopping early if we know the
    partition is more expensive than what we've already seen.
    Before this patch, each call and its supporting code was written out
    in rd_test_partition3 with lots of repetition (made even more
    unreadable because of the #if/#endif blocks). This patch moves the
    "per-subblock" logic into a new function, rd_try_subblock, and
    replaces the code with calls to that function.
    The patch also rewrites the nested conditionals
      if (A) { if (B) { if (C) { X; } } } return;
      if (! A) return; if (! B) return; if (! C) return; X;
    which means the code for X doesn't need to be so indented.
    The patch also uses the new function to replace the bodies of the
    PARTITION_HORZ_4 and PARTITION_VERT_4 partition types.
    Note that lots of the remaining ugliness is to do with supporting
    CONFIG_SUPERTX with ext-partition types. These explicitly aren't
    supported together at the moment, so another option would be to rip
    out that code entirely.
    Change-Id: I9af40d96aa1384f24a088a73a711311638490250
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