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    Fix DAALA_EC when EC_MULTISYMBOL disabled. · 0f11c78d
    Nathan E. Egge authored
    When DAALA_EC is enabled, calls to aom_read_tree() and aom_write_tree()
     would automatically convert the aom_tree_index and aom_prob into a CDF
     and call the aom_read_cdf() or aom_write_cdf(), which causes an
     error if DAALA_EC is enabled without EC_MULTISYMBOL.
    This patch moves the conversion functions from daalaboolreader.h and
     daalaboolwriter.h into bitreader.h and bitwriter.h respectively, and
     only calls the conversion functions if EC_MULTISYMBOL is enabled.
    This allows DAALA_EC to be enabled without EC_MULTISYMBOL and is a
     bitstream change when both ANS and EC_MULTISYMBOL are enabled as calls
     to read and write trees will automatically be converted into calls that
     read and write cdfs.
    Change-Id: Id2f9aa9b5113292998cadfe69e4ba547324643ac