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    Change to arf boost calculation. · 11694aab
    Paul Wilkins authored
    In this commit I have added an experimental function
    that tests prediction quality either side of a central position
    to calculate a suggested boost number for an ARF frame.
    The function is passed an offset from the current position and
    a number of frames to search forwards and backwards.
    It returns a forward, backward and compound boost number.
    The new code can be deactivated using #define NEW_BOOST 0
    In its current default state the code searches forwards and backwards
    from the proposed  position of the next alt ref.
    The the old code used a boost number calculated by scanning forward
    from the previous GF up to the proposed alt ref frame position.
    I have also added some code to try and prevent placement of a gf/arf
    where there is a brief flash.
    Change-Id: I98af789a5181148659f10dd5dd2ff2d4250cd51c
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