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    Remove partial_frame support from loop restoration · 146a060a
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    This flag comes from the loop filter's speed features and (I think)
    tells the encoder to make decisions about the filter by looking at a
    narrow strip in the middle of the frame.
    That's reasonable enough, but doesn't make any sense for loop
    restoration, where we were calling av1_loop_restoration_frame from
    pickrst.c in order to calculate what restoration parameters to use for
    a given restoration unit (which might not be in the narrow strip in
    the middle!)
    As it turns out, the LPF_PICK_FROM_SUBIMAGE method is never actually
    signalled in the reference encoder, which is presumably why we haven't
    spotted this before.
    Change-Id: I745e2eab873c0b33920caca40e338af9d078d25e
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