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    Cleanup inside vp9_decodemv.c. · 15fefced
    Dmitry Kovalev authored
    Adding read_skip_coeff function. Renaming decode_mv to read_mv for
    consistency with another function names. Removing redundant function
    arguments. Renaming kfread_modes to read_intra_mode_info, read_mb_modes_mv
    to read_inter_mode_info, vp9_decode_mb_mode_mv to vp9_read_mode_info,
    vp9_decode_mode_mvs_init to vp9_prepare_read_mode_info. Inlining function
    mb_mode_mv_init inside vp9_prepare_read_mode_info.
    Change-Id: Ifee05d333da4cd331d4aff40ce41ccd9b70e494a
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