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    Dual deblocking filter strength thresholds · 179479fe
    Cheng Chen authored
    A new experiment for deblocking filter that separates vertical
    and horizontal filter strengths. This experiment is based on the
    assumption that non-flatness characteristics of vertical and
    horizontal direction may differ. Therefore selecting different
    filter strengths for vertical and horizontal can improve deblocking
    The process of finding proper filter strength:
    1. Search through the filter level under the constraint that
       (vertical == horizontal), and find the best solution.
    2. Fix vertical level as the best solution found in step 1 and vary
       horizontal level to find the best value.
    3. Fix the selected horizontal level, vary vertical level to find
       its best value.
    The experiment is working with UV_LVL, sharing the same config flag.
    The searching for horizontal and vertical filter strength only applies
    on Y plane for now.
    The experimental flag should be changed to filter_level later.
    Change-Id: I164eec8d3ccb3da7ff109c5c55f4b52c1536ddf1
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