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    Add inv txfm2d sse2 for sizes with 4 · 18976fa5
    Peng Bin authored
    Implement av1_lowbd_inv_txfm2d_add_4x4_sse2
    Implement av1_lowbd_inv_txfm2d_add_4x8_sse2
    Implement av1_lowbd_inv_txfm2d_add_8x4_sse2
    Implement av1_lowbd_inv_txfm2d_add_4x16_sse2
    Implement av1_lowbd_inv_txfm2d_add_16x4_sse2
    A brief speed test shows that using the included SSE2 functions
    completed by this CL, for speed1 lowbitdepth encoder speeds up >9%
    and lowbitdepth decoder speeds up >25%, comparing to the highbitdepth
    implementation in the baseline.
    Change-Id: I0576a2a146c0b1a7b483c9d35c3d21d979e263cd
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