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    Sample selection in warped motion · 1bc82866
    Yunqing Wang authored
    Added a sample selection process in warped motion.
    1. Gather more samples including multiple rows on the top, multiple
    columns on the left, and the upper-right block.
    2. Sort samples by the MV difference between the neighbour's MV and
    the current block's MV. Trim the samples with considerably large MV
    Borg test result:
                 avg_psnr ovr_psnr ssim
    cam_lowres:  -0.241   -0.243  -0.376
    lowres:      -0.104   -0.110  -0.179
    The changes are wrapped in WARPED_MOTION_SORT_SAMPLES macro.
    Change-Id: I2730bb31a0a3ad28215ccd16fd6da0ea8b2ed404