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    CDEF: Do not filter chroma if subsampling_x != subsampling_y · 1c1161f1
    Steinar Midtskogen authored
    Since CDEF looks uses the luma direction for chroma, CDEF would have
    to change significantly to support formats like 4:2:2.  The limited
    use of such formats does not justify the complexity to support this,
    so the simple solution is to mandate that the chroma planes aren't
    filtered if subsampling_x != subsampling_y.  Most of the visual gain
    is in luma, anyway.
    This also means that the chroma strengths and chroma skip condition
    shall not be sent if subsampling_x != subsampling_y.
    Change-Id: I35c184a6fe0908ae0fee1e74494b6904fa9a3c82