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    Port dering experiment from aom · 253c001f
    Yaowu Xu authored
    Mannually cherry-picked:
    15791332 Use OD_DIVU for small divisions in temporal_filter.
    03122298 Replace divides by small values with multiplies.
    9c48eec7 Removing divisions from od_dir_find8()
    0950ed82 Merge "Port active map / cyclic refresh fixes to vp10."
    efefdad7 Port active map / cyclic refresh fixes to vp10.
    1eaf748c Port switch to 9-bit rate cost to aom.
    0b1606e7 Only build deringing code when --enable-dering.
    e2511e15 Deringing cleanup: don't hardcode the number of levels
    8fe5c5d6 Rename dering_in to od_dering_in to sync with Daala
    4eb1380d Makes second filters for 45-degree directions horizontal
    7f4c3f58 Removes the superblock variance contribution to the threshold
    3dc56f93 Simplifying arithmetic by using multiply+shift
    cf2aaba9 Return 0 explicitly for OD_ILOG(0).
    49ca22aa Use the Daala implementation of OD_ILOG().
    85187243 Fix compiler warning in od_dering.c.
    485d6a69 Prevent multiple inclusion of odintrin.h.
    51b7a998 Adds the Daala deringing filter as experimental
    Note that a few of the changes were already in libvpx codebse.
    Change-Id: I1c32ee7694e5ad22c98b06ff97737cd792cd88ae
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