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    rdopt,rd_pick_intra4x4block: port tsan fix from libvpx · 2a10c91b
    James Zern authored
    minus the non-existent nonrd portion. original change:
    commit d642294b
    Author: Jingning Han <jingning@google.com>
    Date:   Thu Feb 11 12:36:49 2016 -0800
        Fix tsan error in VP9 sub8x8 intra mode search
        This commit fixes issue 1141. The issue was triggered in multi-tile
        encoding. The change properly saves and restores the block context
        information in the real-time mode selection process. It removes
        several redundant memcpy operations in sub8x8 intra block mode
        Change-Id: I35c9ad197f4bd500ec39b5fc833f052f19eee010
    Change-Id: If0c11092450ede0450fc9bcf5db2f7349ac2860c
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