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    Adds feature for companded MV encoding · 2b26cf17
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    The high-precision (1/8) pel bit is turned off if the reference
    MV is larger than a threshold. The motivation for this patch is
    the intuition that if motion is likely large (as indicated by
    the reference), there is likley to be more motion blur, and as
    a result 1/8 pel precision would be wasteful both in rd sense
    as well as computationally.
    The feature is incorporated as part of the newmventropy experiment.
    There is a modest RD improvement with the patch. Overall the
    results with the newmventropy experiment with the threshold being
    16 integer pels are:
    derf: +0.279%
    std-hd: +0.617%
    hd: +1.299%
    yt: +0.822%
    With threshold 8 integer pels are:
    derf: +0.295%
    std-hd: +0.623%
    hd: +1.365%
    yt: +0.847%
    Patch: rebased
    Patch: rebase fixes
    Change-Id: I4ed14600df3c457944e6541ed407cb6e91fe428b