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    Revert "aomenc: remove config control of "allow_screen_content_tools"" · 2f7d37bf
    Alex Converse authored
    This reverts commit 1b5328e0.
    This commit has some pretty negative consequences with block copy. I
    need to be able to force block copy on for arbitrary sequences while it
    is still in development, and I need to be able to keep the palette
    enable status between block copy and non-block copy runs.
    Change If815a1eff2f9419117477f14cda143dd669c87c6 will prevent
    allow_screen_content_tools from getting clobbered and still allow us to
    force it on.
    Change-Id: I7a2f4207b5d2da35aec7870250e8b330c58a0e13
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