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    Move git version extras out of iOS shared framework bundle version · 35d7e17b
    Brion Vibber (WMF) authored
    Apple's version format specification is strictly checked on app
    store submission, even for embedded frameworks:
        The build version number should be a string comprised of
        three non-negative, period-separated integers with the
        first integer being greater than zero. The string should
        only contain numeric (0-9) and period (.) characters.
    So that's room for "1.5.0" but not for "1.5.0-906-g656f9c41".
    The full version returned from 'version.sh --bare' is now
    embedded under a 'VPXFullVersion' custom key in the Info.plist,
    so it can still be extracted from the resulting framework.
    Change-Id: If34a58d02e407379d1f1859fda533ef7f983170b
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