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    loop-restoration: Rework self-guided filter · 369d8f22
    David Barker authored
    Because we have an (effective) 3-pixel border around each
    processing unit, and the local sums in the self-guided filter are
    only taken over at most 5x5 regions, we have 1 pixel's worth of
    spare border.
    We can use this border to greatly simplify the filter: Instead
    of calculating a 64x64 region of the A[] and B[] arrays, we can
    calculate a 66x66 region. Then we don't have to deal with complicated
    boundary conditions when generating the final 64x64 output block.
    This also makes a few other related changes:
    * The 'boxnum' function has been effectively redundant
      for a while - due to the way we do the 5x5 (or 3x3) windowing,
      the values we actually use are always (2r+1)^2. So we can skip
      calling this function if MAX_RADIUS <= 2
    * We can remove the annoying special case for tiny processing units
      in the self-guided filter, as we no longer have to worry about
      border behaviour
    * We change the SSE4.1 code to match the new C code, removing a ton
      of complexity. Further refactoring/speedups are probably
      now possible, but this includes the minimal changes to pass all
      the tests.
    Change-Id: I99beee164a31349a5228a9bef048e5f35c9639f2
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