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    Fix encode/decode mismatches for supertx + delta-q · 3aec8d6c
    David Barker authored
    This fixes the following mismatch bugs:
    * At the bitstream level, the decoder would not read the delta_qindex
      information for supertx blocks, but the encoder always sent it,
      leading to the encoder and decoder becoming misaligned.
      The delta_qindex information is still required for supertx blocks,
      so change the decoder to read it.
    * In addition, the quantizer was not properly adjusted for supertx
      blocks at the decoder. We copy the quantizer setup code from
      non-supertx blocks.
    Since this does not change the encoder, it should not have any
    quality impact.
    Change-Id: I9a0f79c3aa66f2a5a353821e2a6f3b526636e7b4
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