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    Enable various thresholds of motion detection · 3bda7ec1
    Yaowu Xu authored
    This commit changed to enable the encoder to adjust motion dection
    speed threshold based on picture size. In addition, cpu-used 1 now
    does a partition search every other frame instead of every third
    frame for low resolution inputs.
    The change has no quality/speed impact for 720p and above. Test
    showed the change increase encoding time by between 3% to 6% for
    cpu-used 2 encodiong of 360p sequences. It also has a compression
    gain about .3%.
    For cpu-used 2, the change resolved some very disturbing visual
    artifacts in certain sequences when large block partitionings and
    transforms are used as a result of copying the partition from a
    previous frame.
    Change-Id: Ic7fd22508cdb811d4ca935655adbf20109286cfa