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    Use Daala entropy coder to code trees. · 43acafde
    Nathan E. Egge authored
    When building with --enable-daala_ec, calls to aom_write_tree() and
     aom_read_tree() will convert a aom_tree_index structure with associated
     aom_prob probabilities into a CDF on the fly for use with the
    The number of symbols in the CDF is capped at 16, and trees that contain
     more than 16 leaf nodes are handled by splitting the most likely, e.g.,
     highest probability symbols, first and coding multiple symbols if
             MEDIUM (%) HIGH (%)
        PSNR 0.000227   0.000213
     PSNRHVS 0.000215   0.000205
        SSIM 0.000229   0.000209
    FASTSSIM 0.000229   0.000214
              RATE (%)  DSNR (dB)
        PSNR -0.00026   0.00002
     PSNRHVS -0.00026   0.00002
        SSIM -0.00026   0.00001
    FASTSSIM -0.00026   0.00001
    Change-Id: Icb1a8cb854fd81fdd88fbe4bc6761c7eb4757dfe
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