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    Add an in-loop deringing experiment · 441e2eab
    John Koleszar authored
    Adds a per-frame, strength adjustable, in loop deringing filter. Uses
    the existing vp9_post_proc_down_and_across 5 tap thresholded blur
    code, with a brute force search for the threshold.
    Results almost strictly positive on the YT HD set, either having no
    effect or helping PSNR in the range of 1-3% (overall average 0.8%).
    Results more mixed for the CIF set, (-0.5 min, 1.4 max, 0.1 avg).
    This has an almost strictly negative impact to SSIM, so examining a
    different filter or a more balanced search heuristic is in order.
    Other test set results pending.
    Change-Id: I5ca6ee8fe292dfa3f2eab7f65332423fa1710b58