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    Change gm_get_motion_vector · 45390c18
    David Barker authored
    Since gm_get_motion_vector is trying to give a motion vector for
    "the frame as a whole", it makes more sense for it to calculate
    the motion of the *center* of the block rather than the top-left
    corner of the frame.
    In theory, this change should also help the encoder make better
    decisions on when to use global motion. It avoids an issue
    where, early in the frame, NEARESTMV looks like a good way to use
    the global motion vector *without* paying the rate cost applied
    to the first few global motion blocks in each frame. This seems
    to lead to a better overall result.
    Change-Id: Ia5c6259ceb8b4ff3d00a5d553e1d18bdb802da59