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    enable selecting&transmitting to for intra mode entropy · 1d44e7ce
    Yaowu Xu authored
    This commit added a 3 bit index to the bitstream, the index is used to
    look into the intra mode coding entropy context table. The commit uses
    the mode stats to calculate the cost of transmitting modes using 8
    possible entropy distributions, and selects the distribution that
    provides the lowest cost to do the actual mode coding.
    Initial test show this provides additional .2%~.3% gain over quantizer
    adaptive intra mode coding. So the adaptive intra mode coding provides
    a total of .5%(psnr) to .6% gain(ssim) combined for all-key-encoding
    To build and test, configure with
    --enable-experimental --enable-qimode
    Change-Id: I7c41cd8bfb352bc1fe7c5da1848a58faea5ed74a
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