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    Enable real-time version reference motion vector search · 46ea9ec7
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit enables a fast reference motion vector search scheme.
    It checks the nearest top and left neighboring blocks to decide the
    most probable predicted motion vector. If it finds the two have
    the same motion vectors, it then skip finding exterior range for
    the second most probable motion vector, and correspondingly skips
    the check for NEARMV.
    The runtime of speed -5 goes down
    pedestrian at 1080p 29377 ms -> 27783 ms
    vidyo at 720p       11830 ms -> 10990 ms
    i.e., 6%-8% speed-up.
    For rtc set, the compression performance
    goes down by about -1.3% for both speed -5 and -6.
    Change-Id: I2a7794fa99734f739f8b30519ad4dfd511ab91a5
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