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    Unify frame header packing on INTER_FRAME/S_FRAME · 48acf88d
    Zoe Liu authored
    Under CONFIG_OBU, there are a large number of duplicate lines for the
    handling of INTER_FRAME and S_FRAME in the packing of the
    uncompressed frame header. Indeed, there are only two lines of
    difference between the handling of these two different frame types. By
    removing the two lines, it has been confirmed the code between the two
    "if" branches are completely identical.
    Further, by unifying the handling of these two frame types, the
    incorrect handling on S_FRAME under CONFIG_AMVR (default off) is fixed.
    Change-Id: Iad5bb9704a871e61bcdb108223c6c6e131e341f2
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