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    Improve loopfilter function · 49cf335e
    Yunqing Wang authored
    This patch continued the work done in "Rewrite loop_filter_info_n
    struct"(commit:00dbd369) to further
    improve loopfilter function.
    1. Instead of storing pointers to thresholds, store loopfilter
    levels within 64x64 SB;
    2. Since loopfilter levels are already calculated in setup_mask,
    we don't need call build_lfi to look up them again. Just save
    loopfilter levels in setup_mask.
    3. Reorganized and simplified filter_block_plane().
    Tests showed a ~0.8% decoder speedup.
    Change-Id: I723c7779738bbc2afcb9afa2c6f78580ee6c3af7
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