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    ext_inter: Skip compound type probs. for small block sizes. · 4a81001b
    Timothy B. Terriberry authored
    When writing the compressed header, prob_diff_update() was called
    for compound_type_prob[] for every defined block size, even though
    luma never uses block sizes smaller than 4x4.
    This fixes is_any_masked_compound_used() and
    is_interinter_compound_used() to properly return 0 for chroma-only
    block sizes, and then uses these functions to guard the probability
    updates in write_compressed_header() and read_compressed_header(),
    the same way the actual compound type values are guarded in
    read_inter_block_mode_info() and pack_inter_mode_mvs().
    Change-Id: Ib521cf53f9ec166ef634609c8b47c5814b6a9ff5