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    Define missing subtract_xxx functions in highbd_subtract_sse2.c · 4b5c2bb4
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    Also, get rid of the boilerplate code using some macros. STACK_V(h,f) means
    "call f twice, stacking vertically at an offset of h". STACK_H(w,f)
    means "call f twice, stacking horizontally at an offset of w".
    Note that functions like subtract_128x64 are now only defined when the
    equivalent block sizes (e.g. BLOCK_128x64) are defined. As such, we
    have to fix up subtract_test.cc so it doesn't try to call
    aom_highbd_subtract_block_sse2 with unsupported sizes.
    Change-Id: I5b0fefe70e4083786d11d25cdd5dcf02823bae7b
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