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    Add deblock_13tap experiment · 4ce85214
    Ola Hugosson authored
    This change enables using 13 taps for luma plane deblocking and 5 taps for
    chroma plane deblocking when pixels are in flat area.
    The aim for the experiment is to make sure that luma line 57 and chroma
    line 29 of the current superblock is not changed by the deblocking process
    of the superblock below. Previously this was already the case for luma
    line 56 and chroma line 28 (but not for 57 and 29).
    This experiment is part of an effort to reduce the overall line buffer
    size for DEBLOCK+CDEF+LR. With this change it is possible to CDEF line
    -8 to +55 direcly on the output of deblock (which require line +56 and
    +57 to be final).
    Change-Id: I7779a08d6ad5683bf35c3372b1526786eaac8472