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    SMOOTH_PRED: Use 8-bit weights for real. · 4d5bbbd9
    Urvang Joshi authored
    Use 255 instead of 256, to restrict to 8-bits.
    Only noise level differences in performance.
                       High Latency     Low Latency
      All Keyframes    -0.01            -0.01
      Video overall    -0.01            -0.07
    Google Set:
                      All KF            Video
    lowres            -0.005            -0.029
    midres            -0.008             0.028
    hdres             -0.010            -0.022      
    Note: By moving from 18-bit to 8-bit and then
    cutting off at 255 (this change, overall effect is
    noise level too (neutral or better).
    Change-Id: I9f2852023015e36c01203bafe486ec400b2ba46f
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