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    Further enhancements/fixes on dct/dwt hybrid txfm · 516db21c
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Fixes some scaling issues. Adds an option to only compute the
    dct on the low-low subband for 32x32 and 64x64 blocks using
    only a single 16x16 dct after 1 and 2 wavelet decomposition
    levels respectively. Also adds an option to use a 8x8 dct
    as building block.
    Currenlty with the 2/6 filter and with a single 16x16 dct on
    the low low band, the reuslts compared to full 32x32 dct is
    as follows:
    derf: -0.15%
    yt: -0.29%
    std-hd: -0.18%
    hd: -0.6%
    These are my current recommended settings, since the 2/6 filter
    is very simple.
    Results with 8x8 dct are about 0.3% worse.
    Change-Id: I00100cdc96e32deced591985785ef0d06f325e44