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    Palette: Don't store tokens for pixels outside image boundary. · 56ba91bb
    Urvang Joshi authored
    If part of a block falls outside right and/or bottom image boundary,
    then only store tokens for the part of it within the boundary.
    Also, consider only the part of the block within the boundary when
    calculating the number of colors in the image, deciding the base
    colors for palette, RD calculation etc.
    The part of color map corresponding to pixels outside the image
    boundary is padded with color indices copied from same row/column.
    This behavior is similar to how pixels outside the boundary are padded.
    For screen_content set, this is improves compression performance by
    0.038 overall. One clip, in particular, has a significant gain of 0.8.
    Change-Id: I745ca032f313c5041aacc98c03ae4bfc33d840de