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    Refactor border treatment in loop restoration · 5b401364
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    Previously we were calling aom_extend_frame_borders to generate
    extended pixels for use in loop-restoration. This generates quite a
    large border, when we only need 3 pixels.
    In addition, we were also calling extend_frame, which does the same
    thing but with a smaller border, once (in the decoder) or multiple
    times (in the encoder) per plane.
    This patch tidies all of this up so that we only call extend_frame
    once per plane, with the largest border size we need (3px).
    It also adds two new #defines. RESTORATION_BORDER is the 3 pixel
    border needed to do filtering for a processing
    unit. RESTORATION_CTX_VERT is the number of rows saved for each stripe
    when doing striped loop restoration.
    Change-Id: I2c3ffcc19808f79db195f76d857e2f23da5d8a84
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