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    Fix tile boundary calculation · 5c06a646
    David Barker authored
    Fix a rare case in which the tile boundary information was not
    set up properly in the decoder when using LOOPFILTERING_ACROSS_TILES
    The situation was:
    * One frame uses loop filtering across tiles. Then its tile
      boundary information is not needed, so is not calculated.
    * The next frame (in decode order) has the same size and the
      same tile layout, but doesn't use loop filtering across tiles.
    * Now the tile boundary information *is* needed, but we weren't
      recalculating it. This resulted in the loop filter being
      applied across tile boundaries even though we signalled not to.
    Since the conditions on when we can reuse the previous frame's
    boundary information are complex, and the overhead of calculating
    the tile boundaries is low, we avoid this issue by simply
    recalculating the boundary information each frame.
    Change-Id: I1f3cbb0537535bf38faaed4c21c07142e747f962
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