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    Deduplicate use_reference_buffer/frame_id_numbers_present_flag · 5e70a114
    David Barker authored
    These two flags serve essentially the same purpose, so we can
    simplify down to just having one flag. Since the
    frame_id_numbers_present_flag is older and listed in the
    reference-buffer design doc, this is the one we'll keep.
    Note that, previously, frame_id_numbers_present_flag was only
    sent when CONFIG_OBU was enabled - otherwise it was always set
    to 1. On the other hand, use_reference_buffer was always signalled
    so that allowed us to disable frame ids even without CONFIG_OBU.
    In order to keep the ability to disable frame IDs without
    CONFIG_OBU, we send a "real" sequence header (ie, with the same
    data as in CONFIG_OBU) in-line within the uncompressed header.
    This is sent every keyframe and every intra-only frame, just
    as the use_reference_buffer flag was before this patch.
    Change-Id: I4bb6c7a222aeddfb6d3737a39d10782d32ee2eee
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