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    Account for eob cost in the RTC mode decision process · 60e01c65
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit accounts for the transform block end of coefficient flag
    cost in the RTC mode decision process. This allows a more precise
    rate estimate. It also turns on the model to block sizes up to 32x32.
    The test sequences shows about 3% - 5% speed penalty for speed -6.
    The average compression performance improvement for speed -6 is
    1.58% in PSNR. The compression gains for hard clips like jimredvga,
    mmmoving, and tacomascmv at low bit-rate range are 1.8%, 2.1%, and
    3.2%, respectively.
    Change-Id: Ic2ae211888e25a93979eac56b274c6e5ebcc21fb
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