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    Enable adaptive motion vector referencing mode · 67cf8908
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit allows an adaptive motion vector referencing mode
    approach. It checks the available reference motion vector candidate
    list and decides the amount of motion vector referencing modes. The
    current implementation assumes simple binary coding for the syntax.
    The compression performance is improved by
    derf   0.11%
    hevcmr 0.38%
    stdhd  0.09%
    hevchr 0.23%
    The coding gains due to the new reference motion vector system are
    derf   1.0%
    hevcmr 1.7%
    stdhd  1.4%
    hevchr 1.3%
    Change-Id: Idf932fc373546fe59c8741f1b933ff656e8dbc3f
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