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    Fix decoder resolution change with tiles · 6ae58931
    Frank Galligan authored
    There was a bug with the decoder that if you started the decoder
    with more threads than the first frame had tile columns. Afterwards
    tried to decode a frame with more tile columns than the first frame,
    the decoder would hang. E.g. run vpxdec --threads=4. The first frame
    had two tile columns, then the next key frame had 4 tile columns, the
    decoder would hang. If you started with 4 tiles and switched to 2
    tiles the decoder would be fine. The issue is that the worker the thread
    loop is using is stale.
    I added a test vector "vp90-2-14-resize-848x480-1280x720.webm" that
    exhibited the bug.
    Change-Id: I7bdd47241a52ac0fe1c693a609bc779257e94229