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    Change CDEF block skip condition and move signalling · 6c24b029
    Steinar Midtskogen authored
    Previously CDEF was implicitly disabled for a filter block if all its
    sub-blocks were skip, and no bits for that block was signalled.  That
    required the CDEF signal to be transmitted at the end of the block,
    and it was not possible to begin the filtering of the block before
    This patch moves the signalling to just after the first zero skip bit
    within a 64x64, 128x64, 64x128 or 128x128 block.  If sub-blocks are
    skip, then no CDEF bits will be signalled, as before.  Also, the skip
    condition flag has been removed so it's always known at the skip flag
    whether a coding block is to be filtered or not.
    Change-Id: I3adfa3d2d01e288b7db876198aa9985ee9f53917