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    Remove asm offset dependencies · 6eec73a7
    Johann authored
    The obj_int_extract code is no longer worth maintaining. It creates
    significant issues when adapting for different build systems and no
    longer offers as significant of a performance benefit due to
    improvements in intrinsics.
    Source files will remain until the various third-party builds are updated.
    The neon fast quantizer has been moved to intrinsics. The armv6 version
    has been removed because so few remaining targets require it.
    Compilers and processors have improved significantly since the
    pack_tokens code was written. The assembly is no longer faster than the
    C code.
    pack_tokens were the only optimizations for the armv5te targets so the targets
    will be removed after the test infrastructure has been updated.
    Change-Id: Ic785b167cd9f95eeff31c7c76b7b736c07fb30eb