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    New inter mode context. · 6ff3eb16
    Paul Wilkins authored
    This patch creates a new inter mode contest that avoids
    a dependence on the reconstructed motion vectors from
    neighboring blocks. This was a change requested by
    a hardware vendor to improve decode performance.
    As part of this change I have also made some modifications
    to stats output code (under a flag) to allow accumulation of
    inter mode context flags over multiple clips
    Some further changes will be required to accommodate the
    deprecation of the split mv mode over the next few days.
    Performance as stands is around -0.25% on derf and
    std-hd but up on the YT and YT-HD sets. With further tuning
    or some adjustment to the context criteria it should be
    possible to make this change broadly neutral.
    Change-Id: Ia15cb4470969b9e87332a59c546ae0bd40676f6c