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    Directly split the block in partition search · 74593c1e
    Pengchong Jin authored
    This patch allows the encoder to directly split the block
    in partition search, therefore skip searching NONE. It
    computes a score which measures whether 16x16 motion vectors
    from the first pass in the current block are consistent with
    each others. If they are inconsistent and we have enough Q
    to encode, split the block directly, and skip searching NONE.
    This feature is under flag CONFIG_FP_MB_STATS. In speed 2,
    it further gives a speedup of 3-8% on sample yt clips as
    compared to the previous version under the same flag. Overall,
    the features under the flag will give 7-15% on typical yt
    clips at up to 6000kbps data rate. The speedup at very high
    data rate is not significant.
    For hard stdhd clips:
    park_joy_1080p @ 15000kbps:       504541ms -> 506293ms (-0.35%)
    pedestrian_area_1080p @ 2000kbps: 326610ms -> 290090ms (+11.2%)
    The compression performance using the features under the flag:
    derf: -0.068%
    yt:   -0.189%
    hd:   -0.318%
    To use the feature, set CONFIG_FP_MB_STATS and turn on
    Change-Id: Iad58a2966515c8861aa9eb211565b1864048d47f
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